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How To Be a Good Car Salesman

  In this article, I'm going to answer the query "how to be a good salesman" by looking at the statistics of my store and figuring out what set the top salespeople apart. I have taken a deep dive, inspired by watching the salespeople at my dealership and combining my...

Car Salesman Dress Code

Here at Car Sales Story, I'm bringing together high-quality resources for people starting in the car business. The unique environment of the dealership can be confusing for the new salesperson, so I'm here to help guide you. This article "car salesman dress code" is...

How to Look Put Together and Polished

This article is a bit of a departure from most of the content on this site, as we won't be diving into any sales skills or personal finance tips. Instead, in this article, I want to talk with you about the idea of polish. When I did my research on this topic, most of...

Car Sales Tips Closing a Car Deal

I've been watching negotiations for years now at the car dealership, and I can safely say that many salespeople routinely drop the ball when trying to close a deal. Watching the repeated fumblings of these crucial steps in the car sales process inspired me to write...

Run Your Life Like a Business

We are taught that money is a tool to pay rent, a tool to buy food, and a tool to save for retirement. We are also told that money is the root of evil, that money does not bring happiness, that money corrupts. All of this is true, in a sense. If that is the case, why...

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“I started out in sales but now I’m in BDC. The info you had is helpful. 🙂 Especially email templates. I was writing them completely different and I can see how the layout you posted is probably more effective. It’s simple! I have been looking everywhere on the internet for help doing my job better because I don’t exactly know how to do this job…besides making tons of phone calls. :)”

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