Ah, the holidays in the car business. This is when car salespeople, sales managers, and BDC reps can all make great money – with one big stinking caveat.

It’s tough working during the holidays – especially for our families.

It’s the long hours, the late nights, the “hey can I come to pick up my car at 8 pm” customers.

It’s tough going.

With all that in mind, few things are more important than making your team feel appreciated. As a manager or coworker, you need to make sure that your team knows you appreciate them AND that their hard work is being noticed.

I think that leading with genuine thanks is step one, but at my dealership in the past, there was also something special about giving a gift as a token of appreciation.

Over on the Facebook group, Ethical Internet Managers, Sales Managers, and BDC, I posted a query as to what everyone’s favorite holiday or birthday gifts were for car salespeople, sales managers, and BDC reps, and I’ve put together the list below!

Hopefully, this helps. I’ve used all Amazon links that should ship quickly when possible. That said, I think that more important than the gift is going to be the way you thank your coworkers and employees. A handwritten note is pretty special.

Fancy Pens as Gifts for Car Salespeople

Although we are all slowly making the move into the digital age, that doesn’t stop the fact that we still have to write in pen… all the time. Here are some easy picks from Amazon for different budgets:

$25 and Under: Matte Black Forest Fountain Pen or Parker Jotter XL Ballpoint Pen

$30: Scrivener Silver Chrome Ballpoint Pen – Stunning Luxury Pen with 24K Gold Finish

Extra ($35): Amoysanli Knight Pen Holder (this one is pretty fun, plus it comes with the holder and pen!

Funny Dress Socks

Since we want to give off the best impression to our customers, I hope we all are still maintaining a high level of polish with the way we dress. That said… I do think you can have fun with socks.

This was from the Facebook group!

Here are some I’ve seen that you might check out:

$25: Men’s Funny Pattern Dress Socks

$29: James Fiallo Men’s Dress Socks (These come in packs of 12!)

Gift Cards

At the end of the day, gift cards are a classic staple of dealership holiday gifts for car salespeople… it’s just easy and simple to do in bulk. NOTE: I think you definitely should give gift cards… but I really recommended giving them with a nice hand written note! The more personalized the better. I remember my old boss wrote a funny anecdote from the year that I didn’t think he remembered… it made me feel good.

Here are some easy ones:

Starbucks Gift Cards

Peets Gift Cards

Amazon Gift Cards

Cordless Drill

License plates are the worst, I think we can all agree. These cordless drills make them so much easier.

Here are some cordless drills to check out:

$30: BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver

Under $20: Basic Cordless Screwdriver

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