How to Sell More Cars on the Internet

How to Sell More Cars on the Internet

How can you maximize your internet car sales lead closing rate? In this article, I will address how to sell more cars on the internet.

I’ve been an Internet Manager at one of the largest Audi dealerships in the world for four of my six years, and I’ve sold over 2,000 cars in that time. I’ve developed a set of processes, skills, and strategies that have helped me dominate the hyper-competitive market. On top of my experience doing the job, I’ve been doing extensive research into the topic for the last eight months. 

The amount of quality content written about selling cars on the internet is pretty low, with a catch. If you realize that selling cars online is a lot like selling any other physical product online, the world opens up.

I’ve been loading up on some of that content via Jeff Walker’s “Product Launch Formula.” I signed up for a copy of his book on his website, and I received it a few days ago. Jeff Walker began his career selling things online with a stock market email list for which he charged a subscription. He has since branched into helping other people sell items online with his online courses.

Since I just released my book, his content has been incredibly useful.

What does this have to do with “how to sell more cars on the internet?” Well, in my reading of his content, I came upon his list of eight “mental triggers” that can help you sell things online. The more I thought about those triggers, the more I came back to how applicable this stuff was to my fellow Internet Sales managers and BDC reps. Anyone that sells stuff online can leverage these eight triggers to achieve better conversion rates.

In this article I’ll break down all eight triggers:

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Event-Based
  3. Anticipation 
  4. Social Proof
  5. Proof
  6. Community
  7. Interaction/Conversation
  8. Scarcity

Not a bad list! You may already be thinking about how these eight triggers tie into your emails. If so, consider joining our Facebook group to share your thoughts!


Chapter 8: All the Templates (Subscribers Only)

Note from Andrei: 

Hi there! Thank you so much for subscribing. I’ve worked hard on the Automotive BDC Manifesto, and I am excited to give you a little glimpse of it.

This chapter is meant to share with you the most effective email templates that I’ve developed (and acquired) over the last 6+ years. Check it out, enjoy, and stay in touch!


Chapter 8 of The Automotive BDC Manifesto


Your efficiency as an Internet/BDC representative is going to be dictated by your ability to use automated tools well. You need to have a variety of templates, an autoresponder for web leads, and phone scripts for specific situations.

This chapter centers around email templates. All of the email templates I’ve ever created will be in this chapter (except for the seven days of unqualified follow up from Chapter 6!)

Without further ado, let’s get started!


Alternate First Response (Specific Inventory Chosen)

Dear NAME,


Not only is this MODEL available to be seen today, but we also have special internet pricing for this unit. If you can come by in the next 72 hours, the price for this vehicle will be lowered to LOWERED PRICE.


I have some availability today at HOUR:15pm and HOUR:45pm, would either of those times work for you?


My name is NAME, and I have been working at DEALER NAME for YEARS. Here is a link to my Yelp reviews, where you can get a feeling for my level of customer service.


Appointment Confirmation

SUBJECT: Appointment Confirmation @ TIME DATE

Dear NAME,


Looking forward to our appointment for TIME and DATE at DEALERSHIP NAME.



To save you time, here is our street address:




If you want to confirm or reschedule, please respond to this email or text me at SALESPERSON PHONE.


This photo below is what I look like when you come in:





I like to include a small picture of the salesperson that will be helping the customer in the email. Generally, customers will have this email pulled up when they walk into the dealer, so that photo will help them find the right person!


SUBJECT: quick note




Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hope all is well.




Every year when my birthday comes around, I get a bunch of crappy automated birthday greetings. I always receive one that looks handwritten, and it’s from the guy my Dad uses at Edward Jones. If it weren’t for the fact that he sends the same email every year, I really would have thought he was typing it myself.

Lease End

An advanced strategy, if you handle the lease portfolio in your BDC, would be to get a list of the birthdays for the customers who have leases expiring that year and send them the birthday email like this:

SUBJECT: quick note and a gift




Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hope all is well. Since it’s your birthday, I thought I’d offer to get you a free car wash today if you want to drop by.



Lease End Manager

SUBJECT: I am your Lease End manager



My name is NAME, and I will be your Lease End Manager for your current BRAND. As you move towards your lease end date, I will be able to answer any questions you have. If you are interested in leasing a new car, buying out your current vehicle or anything else I will be your contact here.


You may be eligible to get out of your current MODEL early. Are there any new cars that interest you? Let me know if so- I can get you quotes using our BRAND Loyalty program!



If you are in charge of the lease end portfolio, this template will come in handy. Often customers are clueless on what to do for their lease end. This email is a friendly way to start the conversation.

Lease End – Waiving Payments

SUBJECT: Payment Waiver on your lease


Since you currently have X payments left on your MAKE MODEL, you can walk away from those payments and get into a new Audi sedan today!


That means you can take advantage of our vast specials we have running for our SALES EVENT without having to pay the last few payments on your lease!


Please contact us for more details! Some terms and conditions apply that we need to share with you.



This offer only works if you have this type of program running with your manufacturer, but if you do this type of email is very enticing for customers. People love getting out of leases early, and the early you get them out the less likely they will have cross shopped.

Lost Business

SUBJECT: pending removal




I understand that we recently lost your business to another dealership. For my records could you let me know what dealership won your business (and why)?
We will be marking your pending sales event to “lost.”



In the “Buy or Die” culture of sales, many people ignore the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. I whole heartily recommend leaning into your lost sales. You can learn way more from your failures than your successes.

When customers share with you the dealer they purchased from, you should secret shop that dealership that day! Get in their and secret shop! Learn what they do better than you and STEAL IT! The best performers are constantly scoping their competition.


SUBJECT: left voicemail



Just left you a voicemail, looking forward to chatting soon. If you prefer email, respond to this message!



I find that utilizing a variety of contact methods at the start of a sales event is a very effective way to find out what method the customer wants to use to communicate.

When a customer provides an email and phone number, I like to start with a phone call. When I often end up leaving a voicemail, I always try and send an accompanying email.

That way, when the customer sees the missed call and voicemail, they will also see the email at the same time.

Long-Term Untouched

SUBJECT: never heard a whisper



I hope this email finds you well! This is SALESPERSON from DEALER. I would like to know if you were still in the market for an Audi?


It would be my pleasure to assist in narrowing down your ideal MAKE and ensuring your purchase, or lease experience is not only efficient but also a great experience!


NAME “Never Giving Up” LAST NAME

I have a variety of emails like this that are set up to email out to customers that submitted internet leads but never made contact. I have these all automated in the background.


I suggest merely setting these up to send at certain “days since lead.” I have ours set up for ten days, 15 days, 20 days, and 30 days. After the 30 day mark, they receive an automated email every ten days forever (until they unsubscribe.)

It still baffles me, but I have had multiple customers buy 60-100 days after putting in a web lead. These customers never responded, never made contact, but one day walks in and asks for the BDC representative by name. Long-term emails are manageable and worth it!


SUBJECT: we are the cheapest



Here at DEALERSHIP, we pride ourselves on being the absolute CHEAPEST place to buy a BRAND.


Our competition doesn’t want you to know that. We pride ourselves on raw discount and the best lease terms.


We know you want the best deal. You found it. Let us know when you can come in.



This email gets me in trouble (with management), but it’s surprisingly successful with some groups of “super shopper” customers. The fact is, even though this email touts that “we are the cheapest” and brings up “raw discount” the deals we make because of this email are no better or worse than the average.

The value of this email is that it’s different. No other dealer wants to send this email, because it feels self-defeating. The fact is, regardless of what you say in this email, the manager will decide what deals to take. Your job is to get the customers into the store.

I don’t suggest sending this email right away, but if you get a feeling that a customer only cares about price… it might be worth a shot!


Month Close

Subject: The End is here (of the month)


As the month draws to a close DEALERSHIP is scrambling to meet its quota and close the last few deals.



If you are interested in closing on a MODEL before months-end, please let me know- I have the leeway to be very aggressive and win your business!


For best service, please contact me with a time that you would be able to either come into the dealership or speak on the phone.


A great email to bulk-send in the last five days of the month.

Long-Term Unqualified Alternate

Subject: Poem


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I can’t sell you a car,

If I never speak to you…


Let me know if you are still in the market for a MODEL that you inquired online on. If not let us know and we will remove you from follow up.



I love this type of follow-up, and I’ve had success when using this on long-term unqualified web leads.

How To Be a Good Car Salesman

How To Be a Good Car Salesman

In this article, I’m going to answer the query “how to be a good salesman” by looking at the statistics of my store and figuring out what sets the top salespeople apart.

I have taken a deep dive, inspired by watching the salespeople at my dealership and combining my personal experiences. 

I believe in the car sales career. This article will take you from zero to hero with my nine keys for success!

How To Be a Good Car Salesman involves taking a look at the numbers!

There are 14 new car salespeople at our store, and last month they sold between 3 and 16.5 cars. Based on our pay plan, if you sell more 6 or fewer cars, you will make about $250 per car after all bonuses (plus $1000 for showing up). If you sell 14 or more cars, that average is about $400 per car after all bonuses (plus $1000 for showing up). That means that we have salespeople that made ~$1750 last month and we had one salesperson that made ~$7600.

What accounts for the $6k~ of monthly income disparity? What makes one salesperson better than another?


One-on-One Coaching: Recent Lessons

One-on-One Coaching: Recent Lessons

A few days ago I met with one of my mentors for some one-on-one coaching. My August sales had gone well, with strong volume and happy customers. I carried little intention into the meeting, rather opting to create an open space to receive whatever my coach had on his mind. (In place of my mentors true name, we will be using the pseudonym “George”.)

Lucky for me (and now for you as well), he had some wisdom ready to share.

While I won’t edit heavily what he shared with me, I will extrapolate on the things that he brought to me. In just under 30 minutes we covered a range of topics, from controlling our tendency for autopilot, the danger of distractions, and bedtimes.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.


Car Sales Tips Overcoming Objections

Car Sales Tips Overcoming Objections

As you progress in your car sales career, you will begin to learn the common objections that every salesperson faces. In this article, we will be providing value for those people searching for “car sales tips overcoming objections” online. This subject is critical for success in sales!

Read the follow up to this popular article: Car Sales Tips Closing a Car Deal


Read the second follow up to this popular article here: Common Sales Objections and Rebuttals

Overcoming objections is a communication skill. It is in the same category as respect, listening, and clarity. Most of the time, the objections are not different opinions clashing, but rather a lack of shared knowledge.

If a customer thinks something is not possible, but it is, then you sharing the solution is a way of overcoming an objection.

The objection was getting in the way of the sale. That’s what objections do!

Many of my fellow salespeople have difficulty with overcoming objections that stems from a lack of process and problems handling stress. Stress is inherent to this sales, and I recommend you work to manage your stress by reading books on that topic

I’ve read the top 10 results on google for the keywords “car sales tips overcoming objections.” I tried to figure out what made these pieces valuable and what I could do better.

My perspective on overcoming objections comes from successfully negotiating around 2000 car deals over the last six years. I’ve heard 100s of different objections, and all can be overcome at a high percentage.