How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Mega Post!

How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Mega Post!

Most of the articles online about “How To Be a Good BDC Rep” actually focus on the management of the BDC. I wanted to put together a mega-post that any BDC rep, new or old, could reference to develop their career. I’ve developed these ideas over the last few years as I’ve worked in and then managed a BDC.

Want to learn more about being a great BDC rep?

This article will be seen through the story of Jim and Jane, two competing BDC reps. Both want to make money, but only one has spent the time to learn how to be a good BDC rep.

How To Be a Good BDC Rep: The Story of Jim and Jane

Jim and Jane were the first hires at the new BDC at ABC motors. Both came from retail sales backgrounds, and both knew how to speak to customers effectively on the phone. During their interviews, they both told the hiring manager that they were “team players” who loved to “work hard” and “develop their skills”.

For the first month or two, Jim and Jane put up similar numbers. Their phone call and email volume were strong, and their conversions were decent.

Within a few months, Jane was making 15% more calls per day and setting 50% more appointments.

What changed?

Orienting Towards Your Goals

Orienting towards your goals involves four key components as a BDC rep. 

  1. Working Your Pay Plan
  2. Utilizing The Best Tools
  3. Knowing How To Stay Effective
  4. Experimenting

These four parts will help you orient yourself toward your goals and teach you part of how to be a good BDC rep! Let’s look at these four parts through the eyes of BDC reps, Jim and Jane.

Jim’s Way

Jim came to work every day with one task on his mind. According to Jim, he was paid to make phone calls, and so that’s what he did.

Jim is a sloth, he never learned how to be a good bdc rep

Jim clocked in on time and made sure he never came to work with a dirty shirt. He didn’t really understand his pay plan, and he only had a simple knowledge of the CRM, but he worked hard. He never invested in any tools to help him avoid burnout, as he figured that he would make do.

Jim told people he worked in a call center, which was a nice 9 to 5 type job. 

Jane’s Way

Jane came to work with conversions on her mind. She knew which customers that she spoke to yesterday were “hot” and ready to buy, and she prioritized those customers with the highest probability to become car deals. She always knew where she was for the month, and adjusted her work ethic accordingly. If she had lagged behind on appointments set the day before, she would come to work thirty minutes early or stay thirty minutes late.

Jane is no sloth. She knows how to be a good BDC rep

Jane was the go-to “wizard” on the CRM. Sales managers would often drop into the BDC to ask Jane for help with the CRM, and she loved learning new parts of the software. Efficiency was always Jane’s goal.

Jane didn’t mind spending a little money to get herself a nice ergonomic keyboard. She spent a few bucks on a vanity mirror, knowing that she sounded more convincing on the phone when she had a smile on her face. Under her desk, she would massage her feet with a little ergonomic footrest she picked up on Amazon.

Jane considered herself a phone salesperson. She took pride in her work and liked to switch up her schedule. She experimented working her shift at different times of the day to find what worked best for making contact with customers.

How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Why You Should Be Jane (Not Jim)

As I discussed in my recent article on “How To Look Put Together and Polished“, oftentimes the difference between excelling and staying stagnant is just a little effort.

“I think it’s just little tweaks you need to put into action if you want to be more polished. It will take a decision to start, and a dedication to follow through. Polish is not about some grand action, it’s a collection of little steps. Little steps that you care about.”


Jane cared about her job. She saw it as a career she could take pride in. She expanded on the four key components:

Working Your Pay Plan

Jane understood her job was centered around conversions, not the volume of phone calls. She understood that as a BDC rep, she was the first step of moving a customer towards a successful sale.

Jim thought of his job as “call center” guy, who just sat and made “enough calls”

Learning your automotive BDC pay plan to how to be a good bdc rep!

Pay is based on appointments set and sold!

Jim and Jane were both paid on appointments shown and appointments sold. Jane worked this pay plan and prioritized working “hot” customers. Jim just made the calls.

Utilizing The Best Tools

Jane learned the ins and outs of her CRM. She became a “guru” of sorts at her dealer and gained recognition (Just like Zag!)

Jim learned the bare minimum to “do his job”, instead of mastering his tools.

Knowing How To Stay Effective

Jane understood burnout was always a possibility. She spent a little money to make herself more comfortable, like her ergonomic keyboard and footrest.

Jim always would just make do with what he had. He was happy just being on time and having a clean shirt.


Jim worked his 9-5, day in, day out. Might as well have worked at the DMV!

If you don't experiment you will become stale. This is an important part of how to be a good bdc rep!

Jane experimented with different schedules. She found that Mondays she would start an hour later (10-6pm) and Fridays an hour earlier (8-4pm). She always tried to find new ways to increase her efficiency.


How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Loop In Your Manager

Depending on your dealership’s management style, you may have a very active or very inactive manager. The BDC manager may be one of the BDC reps that have to manage the workflows and produce at the same time. Some dealerships will have dedicated managers, while others will have an internet manager manage the BDC.

Regardless of the set-up, part of how to be a good BDC rep involves finding the person that cares about success (hopefully your direct manager) and looping them in. There is serious value in acquiring emotional “buy-in” from your manager, as they can stand in to provide advice and guidance. Managers are much more likely to help you along if you make the effort to meet with them to discuss your goals.

Meeting your manager can be a great part of how to be a good bdc rep!

There are two distinct ways you can work with your manager. Let’s see how Jim and Jane interact differently with Maya, their manager.

Jim’s Way

Jim was concerned with what his manager thought of him, so he always tried to be as nice as possible to Maya. He paid attention to what she was doing on weekends and even bought her gifts on her birthday. Jim was confident that Maya thought he was a good employee.

Jane’s Way

Jane respected Maya’s time and expertise. Once a month she would organize to meet with Maya to discuss her goals and seek advice on how to push herself. Jane was always respectful of Maya’s time and didn’t bother her with small talk unless appropriate.

Maya’s Perspective

Jim was a nice guy, but a bit chatty. Jane was the ultimate rep, and Maya prided herself on how well Jane progressed. Maya cared about Jane’s career, because Jane cared about Jane’s career.

Take Home: Understand What Management Wants

A successful BDC rep like Jane understands not only her pay plan but the big picture of the store. Car dealerships exist to sell and service cars, and the BDC rep plays a part in that bigger picture. Whereas Jim sees himself as a call center guy who just pounds the phones, Jane sees herself as a salesperson representing the dealership.

The management wants metrics and growth. They want you to be a successful part of the dealership’s business. 

Learning how you fit into the business model is a key part of how to be a good bdc rep!

Jane meets with her manager, Maya, to get better at her job and to find out the “pain points” of the organization as a whole.

Example of a “Pain Point” From My Dealer

At my dealership, the BDC reps were setting great appointments, for excited customers, but there was a problem.

The notes for the appointments would look like this:

Sandeep wants Q5
Stock #40123
Needs car asap

Looks pretty good right? 

So, when I see an appointment like this, I work on getting the car (Stock #40123) ready for the customer to see. This can involve driving to offsite lots, adding gas, rinsing the car.

The problem would emerge when the customer (in this case “Sandeep”) would come in and casually say:

“Oh yeah, this car is good! Really any car with this exterior interior color combo and navigation would have worked for us actually”

– Sandeep

When the customer says that, my shoulders drop, since Stock #40123 wasn’t necessarily the easiest car to get prepped if “any car with this exterior interior color combo and navigation would have worked”. 

Fixing The Pain Point

So I met with the BDC reps and changed the way our appointments are labeled. All we needed to do was add this simple modifier to the notes:

Sandeep wants Q5
Stock #40123 (same color with nav ok)
Needs car asap


Sandeep wants Q5
Stock #40123 (exact car)
Needs car asap

The BDC reps and I communicate often, so this pain point was easy to address. As a successful BDC rep, keep an eye out for little things like this to increase your team’s efficiency. 

With my dealership having 700~ cars in stock, this simple change can often save a full man-hour every single day. 

How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Develop Your Templates

Small businesses scale with employees. Good BDC reps scale with templates.

One of my favorite articles I’ve written is all about the proper cadence for the first 7 days communicating with customers. In a guest-posted article over at DealerRefresh, I have 15 more. 

It’s your job to develop your own templates from the examples I’ve produced for you. Don’t rely on the boring templates that are built into your CRM. Create new templates that mimic your communication style so that you can provide a cohesive experience for your customers.

Here are a few of my favorite BDC templates I’ve come up with.

How To Be a Good BDC Rep Template #1: Appointment Confirmation


Thanks! Looking forward to our appointment for TIME and DATE at DEALERSHIP NAME.

To save you time, here is our street address:

If you want to confirm or reschedule please respond to this email or text me at SALESPERSON PHONE.

This is what I look like when you come in:


How To Be a Good BDC Rep Template #2: Long-Term Unqualified


I know we have been sending you a lot of emails and you have been opening them, but not responding.

Could you kindly let us know if you are still in the market? Are we emailing too much? Is there a time that is best to get a hold of you?

Here at DEALER, we value our customers and their time. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

How To Be a Good BDC Rep Template #3: Appointment No-Show


We were not able to meet for our recent appointment time. We understand that sometimes things come up that take precedent.

When can we reschedule a time to meet? I have some time available tomorrow at 1015am and later in the afternoon.

Please let me know if there is anything we can do in the meantime to help you along your purchase process.


How To Be a Good BDC Rep Template #4: One Year Celebration


We haven’t talked in a while, so I wanted to touch base to say hi. How have you been doing? Are you happy with your MAKE?

If you’re ever in the neighborhood or at the dealership servicing your car, drop by my desk! I’d love to catch up.

Let me know how you like your MAKE whenever you have a free moment. I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from other folks who own that vehicle, so I’m interested to hear if your experience is similar.


How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Use The Online Resources

Here at Car Sales Story, I’ve written a few articles that would be helpful to any BDC rep looking to improve their effectiveness:


How To Be a Good BDC Rep: Community

Are you a BDC rep? If so, reach out to me here at Car Sales Story and we can get together some reps to share ideas:

Contact Directly

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: How to Entice

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: How to Entice

What is the best way to compose your internet car sales email templates?

Some of my other articles with email templates can be found at these links:
Follow Up Email #1
Follow Up Email #2
Full Follow Up Script
BDC Templates

How can you capture the attention of your customers and hook them into coming to your dealership?

Here at Car Sales Story I’ve addressed the need for proper email templates before. I’ve found many dealerships have lackluster templates full of spelling and grammatical errors that can severely damage their first impression with a customer.

In the United States, there are many places where you can still sell cars online without ample internet car sales training.


That is changing. Customers want fast responses, they want professional writing, and they want the price in the email.

This is the bare minimum required. Fast, clear, with price.

What if you want to take your sales to the next level? Is there a way you can write emails (internet car sales email templates specifically) that will garner more responses from better customers?

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Make Someone Hungry

I’ve been receiving emails for a few days from André Chaperon, one of the co-founders of Tiny Little Businesses. I was lead to André by Ian from FIMP (who I’ve mentioned before). André is master marketer, and drafts some of the best emails I’ve ever read.

The beauty of his communications is that I want to read his emails every time they pop into my mailbox. Check out this recent one (please excuse me for pasting it in it’s entirety):

From: André Chaperon <hello@tinylittlebusinesses.com>
Date: September 8, 2018 at 2:00:08 AM PDT
To: andreismithnow@gmail.com
Subject: [LEM] Make Someone Hungry (Part 1 of 2)


Hey Andrei,


THE ANSWER TO the subject line is the (SIMPLE) SECRET to creating suspense in emails.


And suspense in emails is the key ingredient to the narrative engine of your email sequence.


… the REASON for people to keep opening your emails and reading to the end.


You know … like you’re doing here 🙂


I teach this in detail within ARM (with lots of examples)…


But the big secret is already in this email.


And it has been sprinkled in clear sight in most of the previous emails I’ve sent you so far.


Think you know what it is?


Here’s another clue.


It’s the REASON WHY you’re still reading.


Readers are human, and humans are programmed (hardwired) to wait for answers to questions they’ve been exposed to.


It’s called the Zeigarnik Effect.


You ask a question. Or better yet, IMPLY a question, but then DON’T GIVE THE ANSWER.


You move on.


It keeps people on the hook, so to speak.


That’s the simple secret to creating suspense (it builds more and more TENSION).


And suspense, tension, drama … it all works to create ATTENTION.


Which is the whole point, right?


I have two killer examples for you. The first one I read 8 years ago, and it blew me away.


In fact it completely changed the game for me.


Myself and 3 business partners run this small exclusive mastermind called Ocean’s Four.


We run it once, sometimes twice a year.

The last one was in Orlando a few weeks ago (as I write this email):


We charge clients $5K for a ONE HOUR hot seat (this is over two days, and we only take 8 people, max; excluding bringing an additional business partner if they choose).


This last one, I purchased every attendee a (fiction) book. The same book that completely changed the game for me.


… and the same book I’ll share with you in the next email.


Same time, same place.


Andre “suspense, tension, drama” Chaperon

So what’s special about this email?

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Chaperon’s Trick

First things first. This email has a different intent than our internet car sales email templates that we are looking to craft. He is selling an email marketing course, and his customers therefore have different needs. He needs his customers to fall in love with his style, and he is selling a unique product. 

When crafting internet car sales email templates, we are dealing with a customer that areoften efficiency focused. Many internet customers think of dealing with dealerships as a net negative and want to minimize their contact. We can utilize our understanding of this fact to create a frictionless sale.

So with that difference in mind, what can we learn from Chaperon? Here are a few valuable strategies that I can summarize:

  1. His emails hook me. From the subject line to the quick flow of the message, the emails are easy to consume on an iPhone or tablet.
  2. His emails are clean, with no extra words or filler.
  3. They often end with a question or a hook, designed to increase retention.

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Examples for you to Steal

Using what I’ve learned from Chaperon’s emails, here is my internet car sales email templates for you to steal and change:

Subject Line: My “Evil” Experiment


Hi Customer Name,


This email could get me in a lot of trouble.


Most dealerships are built around tricking customers into paying too much every step of the way.


They think that asymmetrical information is how to make profit.


They think that customers don’t know how to shop around. They think you aren’t doing your homework.


I don’t think that’s the case.


Instead of betting on your ignorance, I’m going to bet on your knowledge.


I think you know just how to get a deal.


I think that you are just waiting to run into someone that will respect your time.


So here’s my experiment.


I’m going to cut to the chase, and provide you numbers, fair numbers, right below (good for 72 hours!):




Fair right? Best part? There is a little more on top of that.


I get a ton of push back on this experiment from the corporate big wigs.


“It’s not how it’s done! Don’t rock the boat” They say…


I’m bucking that. I’m betting on the fact that you appreciate transparency.


The only way this works, my fair price experiment, is if I can convince you to reward me with your business.


So to make that happen, I’m going to throw in another $500 on top of the quoted price above, if you do business today. 


Let me know if we can be partners in changing the way people buy cars.



Andrei “Change the Game” Smith
Call me @ 408-***-****

What makes this email different?

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Being Different

Check out a screenshot from Mr. Chaperon’s email on my iPhone:

I'm trying to emulate Andre Chaperon's emails in my new internet car sales templates

Makes you scroll…

I want to keep reading! It’s clear. No border, short sentences. There is even bolded parts that entice me to keep reading.

That’s only the start. The true genius? He keeps me reading with sentences that plant questions in my mind. Check out this sentence:

“But the big secret is already in this email.”

That sentence is all Andre needed to plant a seed in his potential client’s minds. They are no longer just passively reading. They are actively on the hunt, looking for this “secret”. 

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Sprinkle in Personality

My favorite part of Chaperon’s emails?

Andre “swipe away” Chaperon

Andre “suspense” Chaperon

Andre “suspense, tension, drama” Chaperon

Andre “email superhero” Chaperon

These signatures give Andre character. Note that I’ve never met the guy, never even seen a video recording of him.

That being said… I still feel like I know the guy. I know he is funny. I know he is passionate. I know that he is good at what he does.

That is evidence of a marketing superpower. Just a sprinkle of personality in the boundless plains of soulless, boring emails and instantly you stand out.

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

When I started seeing Andre’s email pop into my inbox, I knew he was on to something.

Just from his initial teaser emails I already have had the opportunity to imitate him (this email garnered an immediate response from the customer!):

Dear Jack,
I’m just as excited about the 2019 Audi A8 design as you are. What specific information did you want me to get for you?

I’ve had the chance to drive a pre-release version, and it is groundbreaking.

The 2019 A8 is going to change what you think is possible in a luxury car.
Let me know how I can help,
Andrei “Information Provider” Smith

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Other Imitators

Ian over at FIMP was the first person to ever bring up Andre’s training. After reading a few emails of Andre’s (like the one above), I went back and started reading some of Ian’s emails I’ve received.

Notice any similarities?

From: “Ian @ FIMP” <ian@StoppingScams.com>
Date: May 30, 2018 at 8:00:50 PM PDT
To: andreismithnow@gmail.com
Subject: [FIMP] You’re about to miss out

I’ve had a massive amount of people reaching out to work with me since I released my new training: How to Reclaim at Least 20 Hours of Your Life Per Week.


This is by far the highest-value skill I’ve developed over the years.


Not SEO, PPC, copywriting, conversion optimization, or anything else.


(although all of those have been extremely valuable too!)


Nothing is more precious than time. It’s the only resource that we can never get back.


If you want to reclaim at least 20 hours of your life every week without low-quality, undependable labor…


Without having to go broke trying to build a team…


Without having to fire 3 out of 4 people that you hire because they’re just not dependable…


Without feeling like it will take too much work or cost too much to convert your business’ growth into something passive…


If you’re tired of working endlessly without seeing the growth you want…


Never feeling like you have the time to catch your breath or “recharge”…


If you’ve watched the training and you want to snatch up one of the remaining strategy sessions, apply here.



P.S. The free training will only be up for a little longer!

Short, punchy sentences. I especially like his “P.S.” at the end of the email that throws in one last hook for you to respond.

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: The Point

The point of all this is to change the way you look at writing emails. Remember that your job in the Internet Sales department (or BDC) is to start constructive conversations that convert into appointments. If you take the email strategies I’ve outlined in this post and use it to change the way you write your emails I bet you’ll end up way ahead of the competition.

Let me know what you think. If you like this content go ahead and subscribe below:

BDC Dealership Workflow (Includes Free Templates!)

BDC Dealership Workflow (Includes Free Templates!)

What is the optimal BDC dealership workflow? How can you optimize your time working in the BDC at the dealership to set the most appointments and sell the most cars?

This article is for the BDC rep that wants to improve.

Want to learn more about being a great BDC rep?

There is a method to the madness. I understand how many types of customers you need to serve. Many times the workers in the BDC dealership are handling not only inbound web leads but also inbound phone calls, routine sales floor follow-up and more. What can an overworked BDC rep do?

In this article, I’ll break down the optimal BDC dealership workflow that I’ve honed over the last year. Following this will save you time and keep your follow-up on a good schedule.

BDC Dealership Workflow Optimization

I’m going to do my best to give you a fully decked out follow-up plan.

bdc dealership flood of followup

a flood of follow-up

Here is my break down of the first seven days of email/phone/text cadence that is optimal for your BDC dealership workflow:

Day 1:

2 Emails (1st is autoresponder, 2nd is personalized)
3 Phone Calls (1 Voicemail max)
1 Text Message Opt-In

Day 2:

1 Email
2 Phone Calls (1 Voicemail)
1 Text Message Opt-In

Day 3:

1 Email
1 Phone Call

Day 4-7:

1 Email/day
1 Phone Call/day

Day 8:

Take-Away Day:
1 Email
1 VM

At that point, you’ve done your due diligence. After eight days of no response, the lead can be automated to receive a check-in email every three days.

Now that the macro level overview is out of the way, we can answer the “why” for this article. After answering the “why,” we can delve into more detail and example templates.

Why This Article

This article is inspired by “Sarah,” who wrote in with this note:

… I started out in sales but now I’m in BDC. The info you had is helpful. 🙂 Especially email templates. I was writing them completely different and I can see how the layout you posted is probably more effective. It’s simple! I have been looking everywhere on the internet for help doing my job better because I don’t exactly know how to do this job…besides making tons of phone calls. 🙂

When I asked her what her most desired post would be about, this is what she sent over:

…A BDC follow up schedule would be awesome! How many times to call and/or email the first day, second day, and so on.

I loved this idea, and the fact I got some fan mail was a real treat. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

Day 1 Plan: Lead Received

As soon the store receives the lead, your CRM system should send out an automated first response. The first response should be personalized to the dealership’s unique qualities and set their expectations of the follow-up cadence. When a customer receives this, they know that there is someone at the helm and that they have a good chance of being taken care of (efficiently!).

First Response Automated Email Example:

Here is a decent example from Fuccillo Volkswagen:

Dear Steve,
My name is Veronica Hall and I will be your Customer Relations Agent here at Fuccillo Volkswagen of Schenectady. First, I’d like to thank you for considering us for your next vehicle! I will do everything possible to make your shopping experience fast, informative and hassle-free!

I see that you’re interested in the Atlas, awesome choice!

The online prices are firm. If you are looking to negotiate that requires your presence in our showroom. We are open Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm and Sunday 11am-8pm. What time works best for you to come in?

Veronica Hall

Not great, but this will get the job done. The good part of this first response was that:

  1. It was immediate
  2. It set the expectations of who would be reaching out
  3. Reinforced the pricing expectations
  4. Gave pertinent information (the hours of the business)

BDC Dealership First Response Voicemail Example

As soon as the first responder (Veronica Hall in this example) is available, she should try to make phone contact. This phone contact will generally end up being a voicemail. Here is the actual voicemail that she left me (transcribed by Google Voice):

Good afternoon, this message is for Steve. My name is Veronica calling from Fucillo Volkswagen. I am reaching out in regards to your inquiry on a 2018 Outlets. If you could please give me a call back at your earliest convenience. My number is 518-374-9161, and my extension is 22070. I will also send you a text update. If or reply. Yes, we can start communicating that way. Thank you and have a great day.

I love this voicemail, as I think it is efficient and to the point. She explains who she is, why she is reaching out, and how to call back. She also sets the stage for the text opt-in! Great stuff all around.

First Response Voicemail Template

Good time of day, this message is for name. My name is BDC REP calling from dealer name. I am reaching out in regards to your interest in the make model. We have a special on this car ending tomorrow and I’d love to chat about it. My number is phone number. I also sent a text opt-in if you prefer that – just reply by typing back “yes”. Looking forward to sharing with you some information later today. Again, my name is name from dealer name.

The only thing different from the real world example from “Fucillo Volkswagen” is that I like to incentivize your call to action.

First Response Text: Texting Schedule Explained

All first response texts are going to look the same since it’s imperative that you get the customer to do an opt-in before starting the conversation.

Fuccillo Volkswagen of Schenectady is confirming request to send a message, reply YES to allow. Reply HELP for help. Msg & data rates may apply. Reply STOP 2 cancel

In this specific case, it’s not the content that matters (since it’s standardized), but the timing. You get three shots at getting an opt-in from a customer. Below is the schedule I use:

1st Opt-In Request: Send the first opt-in text to coincide with first outbound call and email after receiving the lead. In the first response email and phone call make sure to mention the incoming text message and encourage the customer to “opt-in.”

2nd Opt-In Request: Send the second opt-in text on day two, after leaving your first voicemail of the day. Mention the text opt-in while leaving your voicemail.

3rd Opt-In Request: I discourage sending the third request from the BDC dealership. I encourage the third and final opt-in only when the customer is in store.

BDC Dealership Side Note: The Final Text Opt-In Strategy

Once you have exhausted the first two tries at getting the text opt-in, do not send another unsolicited request. Instead, wait for communication with the customer via phone and email (and the eventual appointment). Here is an example:

DATE: 4/16/19 @ 4:30PM
NOTES: Customer coming in for Q5 (#23451) test drive. Please have them do Text Opt-In upon arrival at the store.

This strategy ensures that in all but the most challenging cases, the store will get a text opt-in. When the customer is asked by the salesperson to opt-in to the text they will have greater success.

Day 2: BDC Dealership Follow-Up Plan

On the second day, the BDC dealership apparatus should be continuing to attempt contact with the customer.

Day Two Email Response Template

Below is an email template that I’ve seen before that can be quite effective when sent to customers. The title of this email is “Time for a Quote,” which I think is decent.

We understand the reasons people shop online. Pricing is often one of the main reasons. We understand that competitive pricing, combined with strong inventory and stellar customer service is key.

In order to get you the best price we need two keys pieces of information from you:

1. Share with us your best approximation of the car you are looking for. The more detail the better!

2. Share with us how soon you can reasonably make a purchase. Pricing estimates are more accurate (and aggressive) the sooner you are buying because we know what incentives we can offer and what sales goals YOU can help us achieve!

Please also peruse our Yelp reviews- they will help you feel confident in my salesmanship (remember that people are much more likely to write a negative review than a positive one!):


The email is short enough and explains what information you need from the customer.

Day Two Voicemail Example

Similar set up to day one, with a few tweaks. Shorter and more direct.

Hi customer name! This is BDC rep name calling from dealer. My number is phone number. Just sent you quick email about pricing here at the dealer. Let’s get you in, give me a call back at phone number.


Day Two Text Example

Gotcha! The text opt-in is going to be the same.

Day 3: BDC Dealership Follow-Up Plan

And so it continues!

Day Three Email Response Template

On Day 3, send this email template (or one of your creation!). The subject line could be something catchy like “RE: thinking about you.” I love fun subject lines.

Hi Yi,

My name is BDC Rep Name, and I was hoping to get in touch today.

Let’s make an appointment to work on moving forward with the vehicle you are interested in. I have some time available at 515pm.

When would you be able to come in today? If not today- let’s plan for sometime this week. What time works best for you?


This email is even shorter, but the subject line and suggested time might catch a bite from the customer. That’s what you need!

Day Three Voicemail Example

At this point, you assume they have listened to at least one of your voicemails and read one of your emails. As such the voicemail can be short and sweet:

Hi customer name, BDC rep name from dealer name. Just wanted to see if you had some time to chat regarding the car. Call me at number

Day 4-7: BDC Dealership Follow-Up Plan

The first crucial 72 hours have passed and no response? Time to let up a little. You will still call and email every day, but no voicemails.

Here are some of my favorites:

Subject Line: “RE: I shouldn’t have?”

Hi Customer Name,

I hope I haven’t been a bother. I’m dedicated to taking great care of you and I want you to know that I am here to assist. I hope I haven’t been reaching out too often!

Call me at 408-709-6455 to discuss your new car interest. I’ve got some interesting hook/special running through the end of the week.


Catchy subject line, hook/special that expires, and short. That’s the key. Here is another:

Subject Line: “consequences”

Hi Customer Name,

I hope that my follow-up isn’t causing you to avoid calling in! I’m trying my best to assist you. Let me know the best way to chat.

Call me at 408-709-6455 to discuss your new car interest. I’ve got some interesting hook/special running through the end of the week.


Subject Line: “HR”

Hi Customer Name,

I recently got called into HR because I spend too much time on the computer at work. I had to explain that it was just because I’ve been trying to get in touch with my hard to reach customers!

Call me at 408-709-6455 to discuss your new car interest. I’ve got some interesting hook/special running through the end of the week.


This kind of stuff is gimmick-ey, I agree, but it can work. By the time your customer sees these emails, they have ignored 5+ other attempts. These set you apart.

Day 8: Time To Take Away

There comes a time when you need to show value by showing scarcity. Your attention is not infinite; the customer needs to know you will be discontinuing active follow-up. By telling them that you will be “taking away” attention you provide a different message.

at your bdc dealership you need people to think the ship is sailing

this ship has sailed (…almost!)

Subject Line: “reaching the end of the line.”

Dear Customer Name,

It’s been 8 days since you’ve put in a lead and I still haven’t heard from you. I’ll be removing you from active follow-up today if I don’t hear from you- which is a bummer because we have some specials/finance program/etc coming this week that I would have loved to tell you about.

If you want to hear more- shoot me a line.


Easy and clean.

Review: BDC Dealership Workflow Optimization

So there you have it! A fully optimized 8-day plan to handle unresponsive web leads. I believe this cadence is optimal. It totals 12 phone calls, nine emails, and two text messages.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments!

Follow Up Email After Phone Call Sales Template

Follow Up Email After Phone Call Sales Template

I encourage the use of a strong follow up email after phone call sales template.

Customer contact is a fickle thing. No matter how charismatic you are, it can be difficult to make an impression on a customer quickly. This difficulty is multiplied when you are working with multiple customers, especially when the conversations are on the phone.

The Role Of Follow Up

All salespeople should be spending thirty minutes to an hour every day (at a minimum) doing sales follow up calls. These calls will be going out to customers who they have never spoken to, customers who they are currently working, and their past customers.

These phone calls keep the salespeople fresh inside the mind of your customers and enhance retention after the sale has been completed. Follow up is gardening, spending the time to water the plants. Planting the seeds of the next sales.

It’s well known that many salespeople don’t do follow up, most often because they make enough without it. If you make enough money to survive, it can be difficult to keep working. Once your immediate needs are met, why not just relax?

The reason is your future self. Follow up is doing work now to make life easier for yourself in the future. The follow up email after phone call sales template is a tool in that follow up toolbox.

Quick Tip: Saving Contacts with Company Name

Hopefully every customer that you sell a car to is added to your phone’s directory. I consider this a minimum requirement for a successful sales career.

Taking that one step further, by adding some notes into the phone book’s other sections, can be very powerful. This simple thing, which takes only a few seconds, can instantly improve your follow-up.

Take this example. Let’s say I sell Mr. Corneliust from Corneliust Steaks a car in 2013. I sell him a 3 series BMW. Happy customer, quick transaction.

As he leaves the store, I add his contact info from the CRM into my cell phone. I utilize a digital phone book that is connected to a non-work account. I need my book of business to come with me if I ever leave!

Follow Up Email After Phone Call Sales templates can be made more efficient by including the customers company in their contact

added, took me 5 seconds

Fast forward three years. Let’s say that I’m selling Porsche now. I’m doing sales follow up calls, and I finally reach my target customer, Jeff Turner. Jeff and I exchange some small talk, during which he mentions his wife just started a new job at… Corneliust Steaks.


As I keep the conversation moving, I jump into my phone and search the familiar sounding name of the company:

Follow Up Email After Phone Call Sales templates can be made more efficient by including the customers company in their contact

would you look at that

As I finish up the call, I name drop Steve and Jenny, both previous customers of mine. My value just skyrocketed to this customer.

Now, your CRM probably has this information if it’s half decent. That being said, car salespeople, and salespeople in general move jobs frequently. By keeping your book of business in your phone, separate from your work CRM, you maintain access to your history of sales even if you leave.

Selling Jeff Turner That Porsche

Ok, so Jeff likes me now. My follow up strategy was targeted, with an offer and a call to action. I shared with him some answers to questions he had, offered him a price, and gave him a 72-hour window to decide.

How much of that is he going to remember? Buying a car can be stressful for customers. Have you ever seen a customer tense up in your office during the negotiation? Every time. Eyes dilate? Super common.

It’s my theory that the stress and excitement can start up their “Fight or Flight reflex“. During this, it can be easy to forget bits of information. They can become flustered.

What can you do to provide value in that situation? You guessed it, send a follow up after phone call sales template with a review of the call!

Day 1: Example Follow Up After Phone Call Sales Email Template

After the phone call, I would send this email below to Jeff. This email will reinforce what you talked about and show that you are customer-centric.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for chatting. Pretty wild that you know Steve and Jenny as well! They have been great customers of mine for a few years now.

Just wanted to review what we chatted about. On the Porsche you are interested in we can offer you $3200 off of MSRP. I was able to get you 72 hours to take advantage of that discount, so let me know today or tomorrow if you can.

We also touched on your questions regarding Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Our Porsche that you want to buy has both, meaning that you and your wife can both take advantage of that feature.

Looking forward to closing this up,

Simple, efficient, friendly.

If I was to make a template, this is what I would put in my CRM:


Thanks for chatting. Pretty wild that *THING THAT CONNECTS YOU TWO*.

Just wanted to review what we chatted about. On the Porsche you are interested in DISCOUNT OFFER. I was able to get you 72 hours to take advantage of that discount, so let me know today or tomorrow if you can.

We also touched on your questions regarding REVIEW ANSWER TO ANY QUESTION.

Looking forward to closing this up,

Plug and play.

Day 2: Example Follow Up After Phone Call Sales Text Template

I love contacting customers via text. Text is personal, text is fast. Most of all, texts get read. Here is the text I would send to Jeff on the day after the phone call:

Andrei from Audi. Thanks for chatting yesterday RE: Porsche pricing. Let me know if we can wrap this up today, I have time at 615pm today.

Texts should never be more than 160 characters, so this one is ok with only 138. It’s got the right info, acting as a gentle touch. Here is the template I would use:

Andrei from Audi. Thanks for chatting yesterday RE: SUBJECT Let me know if we can wrap this up today, I have time at 615pm today.

You can set up text templates on your iPhone using this appThat way it’s just a click-click, a few edits, and you are good to go.

What If Jeff Was A Non-Response Customer?

What if I never got a hold of Jeff in the first place? He put in an inquiry, but let’s say he never picks up the phone. What templates should I use in that case?

Good news, I wrote an article recently about that here.

To summarize:

Plenty of reasons exist for the your no response customers. Certainly some never wanted to inquire in the first place, and see your constant tries to contact them as just part of the daily deluge of spam emails.

The people we want to concentrate on are those who want to buy, but haven’t yet:

  1. Found Someone They Like To Work With (Rapport)
  2. Found A Deal That Suits Them (Value)
  3. Had Their Interest Piqued (Unique)
  4. Found The Time (Opportunity)

Check out the article to learn more if you are struggling with that non-response customers!

Why Doesn’t Everyone Send a Follow Up After Phone Call Sales Email?

Great question, pretty easy answer really. Laziness, lack of active management, lack of knowledge.

Getting your salespeople to be uncomfortable enough to want to expend extra effort can be difficult. What can motivate them? What can get them to think this is a good idea?

Unlike the BDC, most car salespeople are not actively managed. There is an unspoken wisdom that any input will be misconstrued as “micromanagement” and salespeople will leave.

The secret is, most salespeople are lazy. Lazy people don’t like to job search. I don’t have to say much more. If you are a manager, you should make sure that your salespeople are using template strategies like this one to make more car sales.

How To Make Them Uncomfortable

Your salespeople that is. If you are an individual contributor, then skip this section. If you are managing salespeople, then this should hold value.

The greatest tool a manager has rules.


one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct within a particular activity or sphere.

Set the expectation now that sending a follow up email after phone call sales template is a rule. When checking out at the end of the day with your salespeople, check their CRM. Are they logging their calls? Should be very easy to see if they are sending a template to coincide with successful calls.

Lead by example. When your salespeople ask you to make a “manager call” for them, show that afterward you send the template. Highlight the value of these emails.

REVIEW: Follow Up Email After Phone Call Sales

Build templates that solidify your processes. The follow up email after phone call sales template is an underutilized tool to spur sales.

Use them to:

  • Protect against memory failure from customer’s “fight or flight reflex”
  • Revisit strong rapport building from the call
  • Allow for easy continuation of the conversation

Let me know what other templates you guys use in the comments below!


Follow Up Sales Email After No Response

One of my favorite topics is crafting the perfect follow up sales email after no response. Being able to close low hanging fruit is one thing, but selling hard to reach customers is entirely different!

Follow Up Sales Email After No Response is an art

make sure your emails make an entrance

This article is focused on writing the perfect follow up sales email after no response for car sales, but these templates have been built from experts across a number of industries. As such, they can be appropriated for most all sales organizations.

The Reasons For Non-Response

Plenty of reasons exist for the your no response customers. Certainly some never wanted to inquire in the first place, and see your constant tries to contact them as just part of the daily deluge of spam emails.

The people we want to concentrate on are those who want to buy, but haven’t yet:

  1. Found Someone They Like To Work With (Rapport)
  2. Found A Deal That Suits Them (Value)
  3. Had Their Interest Piqued (Unique)
  4. Found The Time (Opportunity)

So you need to be crafting the perfect follow up sales email after no response that builds rapport, offers value, in a unique way, at the right time. The first three are content, and the fourth demands that you follow up consistently. If you send one non-response follow up email and then give up, you are not giving yourself very good odds.

Let’s start by showing some lackluster examples of common non-response emails that don’t work. After we break down what’s wrong, we can jump into some expert alternatives.

Follow Up Sales Email After No Response: Lack Luster Example #1

When I was secret shopping for my last article about car sales follow up scripts, I did some secret shopping online. I targeted a local Porsche dealer, hoping to find some strong follow up. If you read that article you would already know that I ended up disappointed…

And that’s it. No other follow up, no more calls. For a customer interested in a $90k car they sent one automated email, two templates and called once. I was pretty disappointed.

The last email I received, is one which I have seen many times with slight tweaks. As far as I’m concerned, this follow up sales email after no response is providing a solution for something that wasn’t a problem. See if you can spot what they are trying to address:

Hello Steve,

As the E-Commerce Department Manager I am checking in on your experience.

Has our team met your expectations? Is there anything I can do for you?

Driven to Excellence,

David Saucedo
Sales Manager
Porsche of Fremont
Direct: (510)***-****
Fax: (510)***-****

The system that sent this was trying to utilize a common sales strategy, the change of face. This sales strategy is very effective during the sales process when a potential client may not be interfacing well with the salesperson. This strategy is not effective, however, when the problem is non-response. The customer isn’t not responding because the sales person pissed them off, they aren’t responding because of our four key reasons above.

Follow Up Sales Email After No Response: Lack Luster Example #2

This email comes to me from Leith BMW in Raleigh North Carolina. I did some secret shopping there and was initially disappointed with the response. Their response times had been great, but the templates (and lack there of) that they used were not the best.

When jumping back in my secret shopper identity “Steve Cornelius” I expected to find an inbox full of emails. I figured that this dealership would have a strong follow up game, just maybe not the best content.

Follow Up Sales Email After No Response example from leith BMW

So the follow up schedule is every three days. Not a bad schedule to set up, assuming it is automated.

Content Of Follow Up Emails

I went through all of those emails. This one is the a follow up sales email after no response that they sent.


It has been several days since you contacted our dealership. I would like to be able to meet your needs. Please help us by answering these questions so that we can do our best to earn your business.

Did we not have the vehicle you were looking for?
Please let us know, we may have that vehicle available now.

Were we not able to get you the price or terms to fit your budget?
Please let us know, Dealership and Manufacturer incentives change on a regular basis, so we may be able to work out a better deal than previously offered.

Have you purchased a vehicle elsewhere?
Please let us know, so that we can update our customer records.

If you have yet to make a purchase, please contact me at your earliest convenience and I will provide some current numbers that reflect our inventory and any incentives currently available.

The staff of Leith BMW wants you to know that your time and business is important to us and we will make every possible effort to earn your trust and your business. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Evelyn Gonzalez
Internet Sales Coordinator
Leith BMW of Raleigh

This email has two main things wrong. Firstly, it’s way to long, coming in at over 200 words. That email is 5 tweets long. That is way too long, especially because all it’s really asking is “what did we do wrong?”. This kind of phrasing, in what is obviously a template, makes me feel like they deal with these issues constantly:

  1. Did we not have the vehicle you were looking for?
  2. Were we not able to get you the price or terms to fit your budget?
  3. Have you purchased a vehicle elsewhere?

Why are we lip loading reasons for them not buy here? What if you changed those emails around?

Improved Follow Up Template

What if you gave them reasons to buy instead?


Looking forward to connecting.

Many customers love the fact that we will always find the car that works for them. We have a dealer network of 20+ dealers to source you the car that works.

They also love our ability to work with a variety of budgets, always priced at or below market! We secret shop every week so you don’t have to.

Let me know when we can chat,

Evelyn @ 815-***-****

That email has a positive message and is only 70 words. It will easily fit into a cell phone screen with no scrolling necessary. Also it clearly demonstrates value, which you should overdeliver on!


Check out the final weakness of her emails, the “dealer border”. These borders rob you of real estate on your emails.

Circle back to my picture from before. Look at the sub text below the email subject (gray text):

I literally highlighted the problem

Do you see how the gray text says:

“Home Specials Trade Appraisal New Car Pre-Own…

That is the first line of the email according to gmail, because of the border. See the border in this photo:

Do you see the “dealership border” now?

That box that the email is in accomplishes this:

  1. Makes the email look like spam to gmail
  2. Makes the sub text on the inbox not have any relevant content
  3. Slows down the loading of the email

Let’s see what my alternative email looks like in the inbox:

using our skills

much more enticing

Much better! I use “RE: yes…” as the subject, since shorter subject lines get better responses and the “RE:” makes the email look like a continuation of communication.

How To Capture The Non-Response Customers The Right Way

So we’ve reviewed some of the ways that we reach out to customers right now when they don’t respond to our follow up. It’s my theory that most problems have solutions, you just have to find them. So, in that vein, I took it upon myself to go and find out what the experts have to say.

The Take Away Email

I love this example from Hubspot. They have this email, which they call their “no BS break up email”. This email is what they use when someone doesn’t respond to follow up repeatedly, and their file is getting stale.

The magic starts with the subject line:

Permission to close your file?

Short, direct, to the point. Requires their input and is unique. It has an air of professionalism but also begs a response. They say that they get 76% response rate with this email:

[First Name],

We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when I haven’t heard back from someone it means they’re either really busy or aren’t interested.

If you aren’t interested, do I have your permission to close your file?

If you’re still interested, what do you recommend as a next step?

Thanks for your help.

Alternative Take Away Email

This is an alternative version of the email above, this time from the pipedrive blog.

The subject is catchy, and sets the tone of the email apart:

It’s really lonely out here

The content starts more seriously, but then ends with the goofy attitude in the subject line:

Hi [Name]

I’ve tried to get in contact with you several times over the last few months without success, which leaves me thinking that:

  1. You’re not interested. That’s OK, I won’t take it personally.
  2. The timing is wrong. This happens. I’ll happily get back to you in a few weeks or months, although years might be a stretch too far.
  3. You’ve been abducted by aliens: Please let them know that I am happy to come along and tell them where to find me.

I won’t contact you again but you can keep my info on file if you ever need [service].


Although I think that #1 has phrasing that sounds like a “guilt trip”, I really like this email because of #3. Life can’t be taken too seriously, and this attitude is light hearted and sure to win you some love from potential clients.

The Call To Action Subject Line

I love the idea of including a call to action in your emails. According to wikipedia, a call to action is:

Call to action (CTA) is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. A CTA most often refers to the use of words or phrases that can be incorporated into sales scripts, advertising messages or web pages that encourage consumers to take prompt action.

The key is encouraging prompt action. You want something in your email to grab the attention of the customer and inspire them to act right away.

Follow Up Sales Email After No Response should be like a light in the dark- calling them to act!

call out what you want

Let’s start with an example of a call to action email subject line:

Are you available for a 15 min chat on Sep 10 at 3 PM?

I love this subject line! The call to action is direct with actionable specifics.

How about this subject line:

Do we have your permission to share a personalized video on our pricing strategy?

That line can be great if your dealership has one price used cars. It builds value and your brand, plus asking for permission is a great call to action.

Review: Follow Up Sales Email After No Response

In this article we reviewed some lackluster follow up sales email after no response examples, we broke down what’s wrong with dealer borders for emails, and we shared a few key emails and subject lines.

Let us know what you found value in and what you would add!

Follow Up Phone Calls

If you are making follow up phone calls alongside these emails, check out these tools:

#1 Choice: Apple Airpods

I think that, assuming you have an iPhone, there is no better tool for increasing your follow up effectiveness than a pair of Apple Airpods. These are my favorite Apple product in a decade, and they make the process of repeated phone calls infinitely easier. This is one tool I wouldn’t go without.

#2 Choice: Amazon Alternative

If you don’t want to spend $100+ on Apple Airpods, I think these are the obvious budget option. These don’t look as professional, but they boast a great battery life and cost less than $25.

Car Sales Follow Up Script

Car Sales Follow Up Script

How does your dealership handle follow up? Is it all done by the individual salespeople? Or is run through a BDC? Most importantly, are you and your team trained to use an optimized car sales follow up script?

Don’t want to read? Here are some alternate ways to enjoy this content:

Car Sales Follow Up Script Youtube Video

Car Sales Follow Up Script Soundcloud Link

Do you want more content about BDC Training? Subscribe here:

Crafting Your Car Sales Follow Up Script

Without training and guidance, process and procedure, your dealer is giving up car sales. Humans are naturally lazy.

You’ll be relieved to hear that choosing the couch is only human. Humans are inherently lazy, which may be a trait left over from our ancestors’ days of conserving energy for the next hunt.

Laziness has implications, a millennia later, to affect your business in the 21st century. Using optimized car sales follow up scripts and strict processes you can control for the natural tendencies of your workforce.

Car sales follow up is a daily battle for nearly every dealership in the world. In this article, we are going to cover:

  1. Some statistics from my store’s internet department sales
  2. Elise Kephart’s car sales follow up script
  3. Porsche Fremont’s car sales follow up script
  4. Key conclusions and robust processes to install at your dealer

The Right Tools For The Job

We are going to be jumping into specific car sales follow script examples below, and you will notice that they involve a significant number of phone calls.

To maximize your effectiveness, I recommend a few products that can make this follow up process significantly easier:

#1 Choice: Apple Airpods

I think that assuming you have an iPhone; there is no better tool for increasing your follow up effectiveness than a pair of Apple Airpods. These are my favorite Apple product in a decade, and they make the process of repeated phone calls infinitely easier. Airpods are one tool I wouldn’t go without.

#2 Choice: Amazon Alternative

If you don’t want to spend $100+ on Apple Airpods, I think these are the apparent budget option. These don’t look as professional, but they boast a great battery life and cost less than $25.

The Anatomy Of A Sold Car Deal

Customers come to your dealership in some different avenues. While fresh ups and phone ups started as qualified customers, internet customers start the cycle as unqualified. You need to find out if an internet lead is the first day that it arrives.

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Internet Sold Audit

Here are the cars sold in the first week of May 2018. I have deleted all names from the list.

I dove into the car sales follow up script used on these customers. Generally, we relied on a strong first response email template and numerous phone calls.

The most pertinent information on this chart is the “Days to Sold.” These sales events took an average of 24.7 days to close. When I dove into these events from my store, I found one more revealing detail.

All but one of these customers first responded to follow up within 48 hours. The one outlier took 50 hours to respond and bought after 30 days.

These statistics scare me- are we missing the opportunity to sell cars to customers that take longer to respond? Where are those long-term unqualified sold customers?

Some More Details On These Sold Deals

So how did these customers first get in contact with our dealership after putting in a lead?

Ten of the fourteen answered our emails, while four of them answered a phone call. None of them responded to the first response text message.

Three of the customers did some of the negotiation over text (they all opted in after speaking on the phone or via email). The cold-text didn’t seem to get any response, whereas the customer that has already had some contact appeared to be more receptive.

Conclusions from the Audit

So it seems that while most of our internet customers wanted to talk via email, but a significant chunk (28%) preferred the phone.

I think the more revealing fact is the 24+ day average to close a deal. This average means that not only did the first response email need to be engaging, but the follow-up calls also needed to be regular and well executed!

First Response Car Sales Follow Up Script

When a customer inputs a lead with the dealer, contact needs to be made quickly and with polish. There are a few thought leaders in the automotive sector that focus on this part of the process.

I’m going to break down and analyze the key points made by some of the top “google ranked” follow up experts.

Elise’s Video and Volume

Elise Kephart has an interesting follow up the process. She guides you through her ten first response steps. Here is it broke down into a simplified list:

  1. A phone call to make contact. Introduce the dealership, thank for interest, give reason to buy, share contact info, set expectation of follow up
  2. Email a video that shows the vehicle
  3. Send an opt-in text message
  4. Send a postcard
  5. Call again using caller-id spoofing (explanation here)
  6. Email again short email
  7. Call again using caller-id spoofing
  8. Email again short email
  9. Call again using your number
  10. Email again short email

Whew, that’s a lot for one day. She breaks down this follow up into four parts of the day.

Key Points from Elise’s Car Sales Follow Script

Elise brings three key innovations to her car sales follow script that I appreciate.

Video Message

The first is the focus on video messaging. Video messaging can be an effective tool to share the visuals of a vehicle with a customer. It may be a strong way of differentiating your follow up from other dealers and coming across as willing to contribute strong effort.

Elise's car sales follow up script relies heavily on video messaging

are your customers going to wait for this video to load?

The downside of sending a video message is two-fold. First, it takes a lot of time. Now, this isn’t a complaint about work. Rather, I think that it isn’t the best use of the follow-up person’s time. At my dealership you would need to:

  1. Find the car
  2. Rinse it
  3. Park it
  4. Film it
  5. Edit video
  6. Upload video

I have sent videos to customers many times; it’s a time-intensive process. It is natural to spend, at a large dealer, at least 30 minutes to do the whole process.

So, is it necessary? I think it depends. If the customer clicks on a used car, then yes, I believe that the video message has value. The exact condition of the vehicle is something your dealer should be proud of. The video that shows the quality of the vehicle can validate the price of a used car in many cases.

On the other hand, when a customer clicks on a new car, I don’t see as much value. During my audit above, I found that only two of the nine customers ended up purchasing the vehicle they initially clicked on. Many of the sales events showed that after making contact, the customer explains that they just clicked on a car to make the first contact.

Caller ID Spoofing (Also Called “Neighbor Calling”)

This one is a great idea and gets my thumbs up. Although it should be handled with a light touch, the use of caller ID spoofing is a great way to make contact with a difficult to reach the customer.

picture of woman receiving a follow up call

Will “caller ID spoofing” encourage them to pick up?

I would suggest only using it on customers that have not responded to traditional means in the first 48 hours, rather than during the first day that the customer put in the lead.

The reason for not doing this has more to do with consistent contact and building rapport. When building rapport with a customer, having a single number and point of communication for them to associate with you simplifies things. I want my customer to save my phone number and contact me whenever anyone they know wants a new car.

I think that her use of caller ID spoofing is interesting, using it on every lead. I would certainly try it.

Signing Emails with “sent from my iPhone.”

Signing emails with “sent from my iPhone” is a nugget of genius. In the digital age of 30+ emails per day, cutting through the noise is difficult. This trick of adding “sent from my iPhone” to the end of a template is deviously clever.

part of elise kephart's car sales follow up script

I would not know this was a template

I’m used to imagining the sender furiously typing out the email on their iPhone. I would not assume an email with this at the bottom was a template.


Porsche’s Car Sales Follow Up Script

I wanted to find upscale dealerships follow up script, so I secret shopped a local Porsche dealer.

photo of a porsche

Will a Porsche dealer have a reliable car sales follow up script?

I created a Gmail address as “Steve Shin” and put in a lead. This time I left a google voice number in the lead so that I can find out their call schedule and hear the voicemail that they left me. I was curious to see if the Porsche dealer, who sells fewer cars but makes more per car, would have a better car sales follow up script.

I put in the lead at 8:26 AM. Here are the results :

Day 1, 8:26 AM: Automated First Response

I thought the automated response was quite professional. Being automated, it was immediate, which I appreciated.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for choosing Fletcher Jones Porsche of Fremont, your request has been received.

This is an automated after hours response to advise you that we have received your request for information. Our Internet Specialist will contact you in a timely fashion.

Meanwhile, you can visit us at PorscheofFremont.com to review our Exclusive Preferred Benefits.

Please rest assured that your buying experience with us will be 100% hassle-free. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Driven to Excellence,

Fletcher Jones Porsche of Fremont

Only thing I would change would be the wording, which I would shift around to mention the internet manager that was going to reach out (Raj).

Day 1, 10:08 AM: Voicemail from Sales Person

The timing was a bit disappointing on this voicemail. The store opens at 9:00 AM, so I would assume that a call out should have been able to be made in the first 15 minutes from opening. Regardless, here is what their car sales follow up script (transcribed by Google Voice):

Hi, good morning, this message is for Steve Shin.

Steve, this is Raj with Porsche Fremont calling in regards to your interest in the Porsche Panamera. Turbo.

Give me a call when you have a moment, 510-***-****.

Once again, 510-***-****. Thanks.

The voicemail’s content is decent but could be improved. A better message would have mentioned a reason to buy, such as suggesting a special incentive or the limited nature of the vehicle.

Day 1, 10:25 AM: First Response from Sales Person

This email was sent to coincide with the voicemail.

Hi Steve,

I left you a message regarding the 2018 Panamera Turbo. The car is available for immediate delivery. There are no factory incentives on the car. However, I can do 5% off the car. I have “2” cars left so let me know asap.

In addition to your Certificate Discount you will become a member of the Fletcher Jones Owner’s Club which entitles you to these exclusive extras worth $1,220.00*:

• First year maintenance services FREE (a $350 value). Your first paid service is in two years.
• Three month wellness check FREE (a $280 value)
• Pick-up and delivery of your vehicle at your home or office for service and we will bring you a replacement car FREE (a $450 value over 3 years)
• Shuttle service FREE to local places
• Up to 12% discount on all parts and labor (a $140 value in years 2 and 3)
* Not redeemable for cash or discount.

I look forward to assisting you with Porsche your Panamera ownership

Raj Kumar
Porsche Internet/Leasing Manager
Fletcher Jones Porsche
Direct 510-***-****
Mobile 510-***-****

I liked a few things about this email. First thing I wanted was the clear offer of a discount on the price of the car. Secondly, the “$1220” of extras is a nice touch. This value offer is a clear value proposition that can help set the dealership apart.

After this email the car sales follow script fell apart, as I didn’t receive any calls or emails until this:

Day 4, 10:46 AM: Only Follow Up after First Day

This email below is the only follow up I received, on the fourth day:

Hello Steve,

As the E-Commerce Department Manager I am checking in on your experience.

Has our team met your expectations? Is there anything I can do for you?

Driven to Excellence,

David Saucedo
Sales Manager
Porsche of Fremont
Direct: (510)***-****
Fax: (510)***-****

And that’s it. No other follow up, no more calls. For a customer interested in a $90k car they sent one automated email, two templates and called once. I was pretty disappointed.

Car Sales Follow Up Script Review

I think that while Elise’s program is a bit extreme, Porsche Fremont’s is a bit lackluster. Both can be brought closer to the middle way.

Utilize the tips and tricks found in Elise’s program, but don’t drown the customer with your car sales follow up script.

What are your thoughts? What is your ideal car sales follow up script?

Trying to improve? Consider reaching out for direct coaching, more information here: https://carsalesstory.com/coaching/