What is the best way to compose your internet car sales email templates?

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How can you capture the attention of your customers and hook them into coming to your dealership?

Here at Car Sales Story, I’ve addressed the need for proper email templates before. I’ve found many dealerships have lackluster templates full of spelling and grammatical errors that can severely damage their first impression with a customer.

In the United States, there are many places where you can still sell cars online without ample internet car sales training.


That is changing. Customers want fast responses, they want professional writing, and they want the price in the email.

Fast, clearly worded, with a transparent price is the bare minimum required.

What if you want to take your sales to the next level? Is there a way you can write emails (internet car sales email templates specifically) that will garner more responses from better customers?

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Make Someone Hungry

I’ve been receiving emails for a few days from André Chaperon, one of the co-founders of Tiny Little Businesses. I was lead to André by Ian from FIMP (who I’ve mentioned before). André is master marketer, and drafts some of the best emails I’ve ever read.

The beauty of his communications is that I want to read his emails every time they pop into my mailbox. Check out this recent one (please excuse me for pasting it in its entirety):

From: André Chaperon <[email protected]>
Date: September 8, 2018 at 2:00:08 AM PDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: [LEM] Make Someone Hungry (Part 1 of 2)


Hey Andrei,


THE ANSWER TO the subject line is the (SIMPLE) SECRET to creating suspense in emails.


And suspense in emails is the key ingredient to the narrative engine of your email sequence.


… the REASON for people to keep opening your emails and reading to the end.


You know … like you’re doing here 🙂


I teach this in detail within ARM (with lots of examples)…


But the big secret is already in this email.


And it has been sprinkled in clear sight in most of the previous emails I’ve sent you so far.


Think you know what it is?


Here’s another clue.


It’s the REASON WHY you’re still reading.


Readers are human, and humans are programmed (hardwired) to wait for answers to questions they’ve been exposed to.


It’s called the Zeigarnik Effect.


You ask a question. Or better yet, IMPLY a question, but then DON’T GIVE THE ANSWER.


You move on.


It keeps people on the hook, so to speak.


That’s the simple secret to creating suspense (it builds more and more TENSION).


And suspense, tension, drama … it all works to create ATTENTION.


Which is the whole point, right?


I have two killer examples for you. The first one I read 8 years ago, and it blew me away.


In fact it completely changed the game for me.


Myself and 3 business partners run this small exclusive mastermind called Ocean’s Four.


We run it once, sometimes twice a year.

The last one was in Orlando a few weeks ago (as I write this email):


We charge clients $5K for a ONE HOUR hot seat (this is over two days, and we only take 8 people, max; excluding bringing an additional business partner if they choose).


This last one, I purchased every attendee a (fiction) book. The same book that completely changed the game for me.


… and the same book I’ll share with you in the next email.


Same time, same place.


Andre “suspense, tension, drama” Chaperon

So what’s unique about this email?

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Chaperon’s Trick

This email has a different intent than our internet car sales email templates that we are looking to craft. He is selling an email marketing course, and his customers, therefore, have different needs. He needs his customers to fall in love with his style, and he is selling a unique product.

When crafting internet car sales email templates, we are dealing with a customer that is often efficiency focused. Many internet customers think of dealing with dealerships as a net negative and want to minimize their contact. We can utilize our understanding of this fact to create a frictionless sale.

So with that difference in mind, what can we learn from Chaperon? Here are a few valuable strategies that I can summarize:

  1. His emails hook me. From the subject line to the quick flow of the message, his emails are easy to consume.
  2. His emails are clean, with no filler words.
  3. They often end with a question or a hook, designed to increase retention.

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Examples for You to Steal

Using what I’ve learned from Chaperon’s emails, here is my internet car sales email templates for you to steal and change:

Subject Line: My “Evil” Experiment


Hi Customer Name,


This email could get me in a lot of trouble.


Most dealerships are built around tricking customers into paying too much every step of the way.


They think that asymmetrical information is how to make profit.


They think that customers don’t know how to shop around. They think you aren’t doing your homework.


I don’t think that’s the case.


Instead of betting on your ignorance, I’m going to bet on your knowledge.


I think you know just how to get a deal.


I think that you are just waiting to run into someone that will respect your time.


So here’s my experiment.


I’m going to cut to the chase, and provide you numbers, fair numbers, right below (good for 72 hours!):




Fair right? Best part? There is a little more on top of that.


I get a ton of push back on this experiment from the corporate big wigs.


“It’s not how it’s done! Don’t rock the boat” They say…


I’m bucking that. I’m betting on the fact that you appreciate transparency.


The only way this works, my fair price experiment, is if I can convince you to reward me with your business.


So to make that happen, I’m going to throw in another $500 on top of the quoted price above, if you do business today.


Let me know if we can be partners in changing the way people buy cars.



Andrei “Change the Game” Smith
Call me @ 408-***-****

What makes this email different?

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Being Different

Check out a screenshot from Mr. Chaperon’s email on my iPhone:

I'm trying to emulate Andre Chaperon's emails in my new internet car sales templates

Makes you scroll

I want to keep reading! It’s clear. No border, short sentences. There are even bolded parts that entice me to continue reading.

That’s only the start. The true genius? He keeps me reading with sentences that plant questions in my mind. Check out this sentence:

“But the big secret is already in this email.”

That sentence is all Andre needed to plant a seed in his potential client’s minds. They are no longer just passively reading. They are actively on the hunt, looking for this “secret.”

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Sprinkle in Personality

My favorite part of Chaperon’s emails?

Andre “swipe away” Chaperon

Andre “suspense” Chaperon

Andre “suspense, tension, drama” Chaperon

Andre “email superhero” Chaperon

These signatures give Andre character. Note that I’ve never met the guy, never even seen a video recording of him.

I still feel like I know the guy. I know that he is funny, passionate, and honest.

That is evidence of a marketing superpower. Just a sprinkle of personality in the boundless plains of soulless, annoying emails and instantly you stand out.

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

When I started seeing Andre’s email pop into my inbox, I knew he was on to something.

Just from his initial teaser emails I already have had the opportunity to imitate him (this email garnered an immediate response from the customer!):

Dear Jack,

I’m just as excited about the 2019 Audi A8 design as you are. What specific information did you want me to get for you?

I’ve had the chance to drive a pre-release version, and it is groundbreaking.

The 2019 A8 is going to change what you think is possible in a luxury car.
Let me know how I can help,
Andrei “Information Provider” Smith

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: Other Imitators

Ian over at FIMP was the first person ever to bring up Andre’s training. After reading a few emails of Andre’s (like the one above), I went back and started reading some of Ian’s emails I’ve received.

Notice any similarities?

From: “Ian @ FIMP” <[email protected]>
Date: May 30, 2018 at 8:00:50 PM PDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: [FIMP] You’re about to miss out

I’ve had a massive amount of people reaching out to work with me since I released my new training: How to Reclaim at Least 20 Hours of Your Life Per Week.


This is by far the highest-value skill I’ve developed over the years.


Not SEO, PPC, copywriting, conversion optimization, or anything else.


(although all of those have been extremely valuable too!)


Nothing is more precious than time. It’s the only resource that we can never get back.


If you want to reclaim at least 20 hours of your life every week without low-quality, undependable labor…


Without having to go broke trying to build a team…


Without having to fire 3 out of 4 people that you hire because they’re just not dependable…


Without feeling like it will take too much work or cost too much to convert your business’ growth into something passive…


If you’re tired of working endlessly without seeing the growth you want…


Never feeling like you have the time to catch your breath or “recharge”…


If you’ve watched the training and you want to snatch up one of the remaining strategy sessions, apply here.



P.S. The free training will only be up for a little longer!

Short, punchy sentences. I especially like his “P.S.” at the end of the email that throws in one last hook for you to respond.

Internet Car Sales Email Templates: The Point

The point of all this is to change the way you look at writing emails. Remember that your job in the Internet Sales department (or BDC) is to start constructive conversations that convert into appointments. If you take these email strategies and use them to change the way you write your emails, you’ll end up way ahead of the competition.