Sales Mindset: Undeniably Likable Extras

One mindset that helps me foster a sales mindset that is undeniably likable is EXTRA ENTHUSIASM. I like to play a game in my head when talking to customers, which goes like this. My secret goal when working with the customer is to make them like me so much that if I invited them to my New Years party, they would want to come. The people you know that host successful parties have certain traits that make them extra likable. 

I ask myself: How can I be like that person?

So I turn it on.

Things I need in order to enable this superpower? I need 8 hours of sleep, exercise, and a concentration on shared goals.

Sales Mindset: 8 Hours of Sleep

Ask yourself this: What do you accomplish of value to your life after 9 PM?

I would guess just about nothing.

Now, ask yourself this: What do you accomplish of value to your life before 7 AM (when you wake up early)?

I’d guess quite a bit.

When I stay up late, and the clock ticks past 10 PM, I’m most likely doing one of these three things:

  1. TV
  2. Video games
  3. Social Media

When I get up early, and the clock hasn’t hit 7 AM yet, I’m probably doing one of these four things:

  1. Working Out
  2. Meditation
  3. Journaling
  4. Making Family Breakfast
  5. Working on my Business

Pretty drastic difference right?

So why do I stay up late? This comes down to my discipline, which weakens as I get tired. By 10 PM at night, I’m a shell of myself. I want sugar and entertainment. I want to be a vegetable.

The chance that I will be able to get myself to go to bed once I’ve “broken the seal” and started being ultra-lazy is especially low.

The only thing that can save me is a proper routine. Most people set an alarm to get out of bed. I set an alarm to go to bed. 

Sales Mindset: Daily Exercise

If exercise could be packed into a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed, and beneficial, medicine in the nation.

I love this Youtube video about exercise:

That video says some of the most salient points on the topic. Suffice to say; exercise is a must.

So get out there. Get into it. Get moving. 

I recommend mid-day walks as well. When you can take 15 minutes to get away from your dealership, go on a walk. Take a buddy if you can, but solo-walking is great too.

Sales Mindset: Shared Goals and the Win-Win

If I’m going to win the customer, I need to remind myself of the value of “shared goals”.

Most salespeople that I meet consider the sales relationship in as a battle. They want to win. I find that I’m most successful when my mindset is one of working together. 

I know what I want out of an appointment. I want to sell a car. The hard part is to figure out what my customer wants, and then reframing my goal (selling them a car) into a solution for their desires.

How do I line up what they want with what I have?

This is “solution” selling, and it’s all the rage in SAAS sales. 

When I foster the “solution” selling mindset, my offers and compromises take a different form. Instead of saying:

“Ok, if you buy today I can get you $45k out the door! Today only”

I say:

“I understand you have a tight schedule with your baby here. Why don’t we do this. I’ll shorten your buying time by selling you this car for $45k out the door today. That way you don’t have to visit more dealerships with a baby in tow! I am happy to offer this below-market deal because I will be able to cross you off my follow up list and concentrate on my next sale”

The second option highlighted our we would solve each other’s problems.